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New Resource: Systems Change Guide from NPC

System Leadership is a topic that FSG has been thinking about and writing about in the past few years – but we are by no means the only ones. We have a lot to learn from our clients, colleagues, and other organizations in the space. Here's one resource that caught our eye: ... Read more

FSG Aug 3, 2015

Developmental Evaluation Is in the Air!

Complexity. Systems change. Adaptation. Emergent thinking. These words were in constant use throughout the recent American Evaluation Association conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The conference theme – Complex Ecologies – certainly invited the evaluation field to submit ideas... Read more

Reflections for a New Era in Evaluation

By John S. Bare (Guest Blogger)

About John Bare: A former journalist, John holds a Ph.D. in mass communication research from the University of North Carolina and has 14 years of experience leading evaluation, planning and program design for foundations. John’s most recent article... Read more