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Top Reads from 2019

As FSG enters its 20th year of supporting social impact funders and leaders across sectors, we are appreciative of our clients and partners around the world. Your commitment and progress on health, education, and economic mobility is inspiring. 

We are grateful to work alongside you to create a more equitable and sustainable future. We achieve our mission by working with consulting clients, supporting learning communities (Collective Impact Forum, Shared Value Initiative, and Talent Rewire), and sharing resources with the field. Below are FSG’s most-read pieces from the past year. 

We hope you find something useful below for your own work, and something worth sharing with a colleague. 

Best wishes for a happy holiday season.


Most-Read Resources of 2019

Ursula Wright, managing director
Matthew Carr and Hallie Preskill
Dane Smith and Nikhil Bumb
Laura Amaya, Clare Schroder, Sandra Medrano
Lakshmi Iyer and Josh Kirschenbaum