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Biotech and Global Health

The scarcity of R&D for the developing world is not a new problem. It has been 50 years since we had a new TB drug – because the issue has been addressed in the developed world. A decade ago the... Read more

The Future of Microfinance

Being based in FSG’s newest “outpost” in Mumbai, India, has afforded me opportunities to learn first-hand about issues that we otherwise only read about in the newspapers. One such issue of current interest is the controversy around microfinance that recently reached the tipping point in India.... Read more

The Student Voice

Gabriel, my preschool-aged son, just brought home his very first piece of art in which you can actually tell what he was trying to draw. A gun. Barrel, trigger, grip - yep, definitely a gun. My wife showed it to me after he had gone to bed, wondering whether we should be worried. I asked her, “... Read more