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This Week in Global Health

A lot of recent developments in global health have been sparking discussion around the office. I thought I’d share a couple of the items we’d been talking about lately.

In non-communicable diseases, we’ve been hearing lots of updates and reflections from the... Read more

The Price of Change

The cost of catalytic philanthropy was top of mind for donors attending a recent Philanthropy New York seminar on Do More Than Give. They’d heard leaders speak about two very different kinds of foundations: The Tow Foundation— a private, family-run philanthropy, and Thomson Reuters Foundation—a... Read more

Three Cups of...Impact?

Greg Mortenson, the hero of girls’ education in Pakistan and Afghanistan, recently found himself in the 60 Minutes cross-hairs (see original piece here). The reputational body blows to him and the... Read more

New Name for the Same Old Thing?

“Catalytic philanthropy sounds good” said a guest attending the Do More than Give event at The Newseum in Washington, D.C.,“but isn’t this just a new word for the same old thing?”

The questioner said by way of example that labels for youth have morphed from at-risk, to... Read more

Getting the 411 in Philanthropy 

Do you need to know anything to be a philanthropist? There is no Bar to pass, no certificate, and limited access to the experience and coaching of others. Yet, you are often affecting people’s lives, dealing with complex issues in education, poverty, equity, the environment and more. Therefore I... Read more

Companies should create shared value. So what?

The idea that companies should create shared value has been building a lot of momentum recently, which is very exciting. However, as anyone in business will tell you, there’s a big difference between having a great idea and implementing it successfully. At FSG, we’re doing a lot of thinking... Read more

Rethinking an African Proverb

I recently came across an African proverb: “If you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you go together.” For the last six months, FSG has been working with stakeholders from around New York State and around the juvenile justice system in a collective impact effort aimed at... Read more