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The Good, The Bad, and The Bold

This post marks the launch of FSG’s education and youth blog. As a nonprofit research and consulting firm, we are fortunate to work with foundations, corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies on a broad range of education and youth focused issues ranging from early childhood to college... Read more

Talent in CSR

Once a strategy has been designed, someone needs to implement it. And perhaps, like architects, we at FSG hope that our blueprint is implemented with fidelity by the engineering team that will carry the plan forward. However, in some cases, as with my own current client, a team may not be in... Read more

A day of action, a commitment to the future

HIV/AIDS. Malaria. Climate Change. Child Mortality. Education. These are all challenges facing the developing world that have received much deserved and increasing attention from donors, governments, and the general public.

But where is the attention for sustainable access to clean water... Read more

Creating Shared Value: Job Training

How can job training partnerships between companies and U.S. community colleges create shared value for business and society? That question has been on my mind as I’ve read about the recent community college summit held in Washington, DC.

While four-year colleges and universities fill the... Read more