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Funding & Accountability On A Collision Course

State by state the dominoes are falling. In Florida, Governor Rick Scott is proposing a $1.75 billion cut in the education budget. In Texas, bills proposing anywhere between $2 billion and $10 billion have been suggested. Earlier this week in California thousands of students turned out to... Read more

Notes from the Field: Diabetes in Mexico

My colleague Adeeb Mahmud and I just returned from a week in Mexico, conducting research for a client on the diabetes crisis in the country and the landscape of response efforts. I thought I’d share a couple of highlights from our trip.

The State of the Problem

While... Read more

Unrest in Our Schools

As protests rage and political powers are overthrown in the Middle East, we are seeing a similar battle ensuing at home. In Madison, New York City and Philadelphia, angry voices are taking sides over our schools.  While citizens in Egypt, Libya and Bahrain are rising up against institutions that... Read more

The Challenge of Changing Perceptions of Vaccines

After years as an itinerant engineer bachelor my friend, whom we will call him Max, got married last year. He settled down into a little house in the San Francisco Bay Area and prepared for the arrival of his first child. Over a Baja-style fish taco, Max and his wife asked me whether I had an... Read more

Feb 22, 2011

Do You “Do More Than Give?”

How do you give? Do you write a check or are you an active participant in solving complex social problems? In the forthcoming book Do More Than Give: The Six Practices of Donors Who Change the World, Leslie Crutchfield, John Kania and Mark Kramer explore how different donors, from... Read more