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Lifting the See Your Own Face

Why do companies say they are responsible, but then act differently? Is it lip service, green washing, and double-speak? Or does this happen for a different reason?

The answer is that most companies are less sinister than skeptics might think, but often they don’t know what they don’t... Read more

Deal or No Deal?

A newly minted – and controversial – agreement has been reached between the UK government and 170 large companies to promote public health. Whether it eventually succeeds or fails, and the reasons why it does so, may give us interesting new data on how companies... Read more

Being On-the-Ground

One of my project teams traveled to India recently to conduct research on the burden of and response to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the country. Being in-country helped me make a more personal connection with the visible needs of India, but it also helped me recognize the tremendous... Read more

Funding & Accountability On A Collision Course

State by state the dominoes are falling. In Florida, Governor Rick Scott is proposing a $1.75 billion cut in the education budget. In Texas, bills proposing anywhere between $2 billion and $10 billion have been suggested. Earlier this week in California thousands of students turned out to... Read more

Notes from the Field: Diabetes in Mexico

My colleague Adeeb Mahmud and I just returned from a week in Mexico, conducting research for a client on the diabetes crisis in the country and the landscape of response efforts. I thought I’d share a couple of highlights from our trip.

The State of the Problem

While... Read more