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Menstrual Health and Gender Equity

Menstrual Hygiene Day, which brings awareness to the issue of menstrual hygiene management, is on May 28. Menstruation is a monthly challenge for billions of women and girls worldwide. 

On any given day, more than 800 million girls and women between the ages of 15 and 49 are menstruating... Read more

Social Impact Through Employee Engagement

At FSG, our clients often ask how a corporation’s societal engagement programs—such as employee giving, volunteering, sustainability initiatives, and shared value initiatives—can help increase employee engagement. The answer to this seemingly simple question has several layers, starting with... Read more

The Shared Value Summit–A Community Affair

When describing the history of our Shared Value Summit, I always begin the story in the same way: “Our first summit was a modest affair…and I’m not being modest when I say that.” 

In the first edition, we asked the 50 attendees how we could best advance the shared value agenda.  Their... Read more