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systems change

Systems Change Is a Noun and a Verb

There are generally three types of problems: simple, complicated, and complex. Simple problems, such as needing to change a light bulb, can usually be addressed by commonly known solutions that are relatively straightforward to execute. Complicated problems such as... Read more

What is a Theory of Change? Really.


Recently thousands of evaluators came together in Chicago to celebrate the growing field, share exemplary practices, and to push our collective thinking on how evaluation responds to the complexity of social change efforts.

During the conference, my colleagues and I facilitated a... Read more

Fostering Systems Change


How can foundations be more effective practitioners of systems change in a complex, inter-connected, and fast-changing world? In a new post on Stanford Social Innovation Review, FSG's Srik Gopal and John Kania discuss 5 simple rules for foundations seeking to create lasting... Read more

FSG Nov 20, 2015

Working the Attractors

Imagine a boat navigating a vast sea. How would that boat most efficiently reach its destination? By finding the areas with smooth current and avoiding those areas with rough waters. The same logic applies to a concept discussed in both “... Read more

Developmental Evaluation Is in the Air!

Complexity. Systems change. Adaptation. Emergent thinking. These words were in constant use throughout the recent American Evaluation Association conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The conference theme – Complex Ecologies – certainly invited the evaluation field to submit ideas... Read more