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emerging markets

New Corporate Innovation Models for Fighting NCDs

Historically, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have not enjoyed a high profile in global health circles and popular media alongside their communicable brethren such as HIV, malaria, TB, and Ebola, but there is much reason to believe this is changing. Even amid the Ebola crisis, 2014 was a year... Read more

5 Lessons on Shared Value in Emerging Markets 

For over a decade now, companies across the world have sought emerging markets for the prospect of high returns, as these markets often represent large, fast-growing regions with great potential for economic growth. Unfortunately, despite abundant private investment, these countries still... Read more

Nov 5, 2012

"To Build or Not to Build?" - That Is the Question

Here’s a dilemma: You are the owner of a construction company and to expand your market, you need to go into neighborhoods where clients can’t pay the typical construction costs. Where there is a dearth of skilled labor. Where it was nearly impossible to transport the materials typically... Read more

Oct 1, 2012