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Reflections on Teaching in India

As a ‘Teach for India’ fellow, I have witnessed first-hand the immense challenges associated with teaching in a resource-poor environment, having taught two 2nd grade classrooms in a low-income community in Pune. My students came from poor backgrounds. Parents of my students earned a... Read more

Steering India Towards Inclusive Growth

Incredible !ndia – so goes the catchphrase of one of the most successful Indian tourism campaigns. Having had the opportunity to work in India and travel around the country myself, I can only agree with the slogan. But India is not only incredible; it is also transforming (incredibly) fast.... Read more

Catalytic Philanthropy for India-scale Social Impact

Everything in India, it seems, occurs at scales unimaginable anywhere else in the world. I suppose after being here for close to a year to set up FSG’s office in Mumbai, I should have come to terms with it. But I continue to be floored. The scales are particularly daunting, unfortunately, when... Read more

Sep 19, 2011

Being On-the-Ground

One of my project teams traveled to India recently to conduct research on the burden of and response to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the country. Being in-country helped me make a more personal connection with the visible needs of India, but it also helped me recognize the tremendous... Read more

The Future of Microfinance

Being based in FSG’s newest “outpost” in Mumbai, India, has afforded me opportunities to learn first-hand about issues that we otherwise only read about in the newspapers. One such issue of current interest is the controversy around microfinance that recently reached the tipping point in India.... Read more