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public policy

Obama's Education Agenda

Last week during his State of the Union, President Obama outlined an education agenda focused on pursuing “a country that leads the world in educating its people.” Two critical elements of this blueprint are to raise the compulsory education age to 18 and to improve the affordability of higher... Read more

The Greenest Green

Unless you’re an aficionado of blues music, your first summer vacation impulse might not be to head down to the Mississippi Delta in August. But, if you happen to head south from Memphis and pass the gaming mecca of Tunica, the flat landscape slowly starts to yield the lushest, greenest fields... Read more

Dark Skies Ahead? 

A close family friend of mine is on the legislative staff of a member of the U.S. Congress. Having caught up recently on happenings in life (moves, job changes, etc.), I mentioned to her that for an HIV-related project I was in the process of trying to map the current funding landscape. Her... Read more

New York City Schools and Performance Management

After more than eight years, New York schools chancellor Joel Klein recently resigned. Since the announcement, much debate has taken place about the impact he has had in New York, and about Cathie Black, the successor appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. During Klein’s tenure, NYC saw important... Read more