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Overwhelmed by Information Overload? 

Today, as I was enjoying 15 minutes of sun on a sidewalk bench, I was struck by how many people are on their cell phones all the time. We have information overload – but rarely take the time to process or make sense of it all. Worse yet, we are constantly pinged with superficial information on a... Read more

FSG Aug 28, 2013

Hitting the Streets as Chief Learning Officer

When I became the "chief learning officer" at a foundation about a year ago, it struck me that once again I was adorned with a job title my relatives wouldn't understand. I'd worked as a community organizer for over 20 years and the "organizer" job usually generated blank stares at family... Read more

Just Admit It: We Failed!

Although most foundations don’t like to admit it, mistakes in philanthropy happen all the time. “Failure” is a dirty word in the social sector. So it’s no surprise that the evaluations that support this conclusion are often passionately debated on both sides.

This topic gets raised in... Read more

The School of the Future

Helping the Kid with the Giant Hands Learn
My two oldest kids started kindergarten this year and my third is in pre-school. So while I’ve worked in public education reform for two decades, now it’s gotten personal. I want my kids to be in the best possible schools. And when... Read more

Shifting the Evaluation Paradigm

In philanthropy, evaluation is often used to test a specific theory of change: to see whether a grant-funded intervention has had the desired effect. But there is another, underlying theory of change that determines the role of evaluation itself. That broader perspective begins with the question... Read more