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developmental evaluation

What Are the Products of a Developmental Evaluation?

If it is not a report – what is it? One of the concrete products of many evaluations is a written report. This is not always the case for Developmental Evaluation – a new approach to evaluating social innovation.

This week we continue the conversation started with you during FSG’s ... Read more

FSG Apr 24, 2013

What Does Developmental Evaluation Look Like?

If you are entrepreneurial and a thrill seeker then evaluating social innovation is for you! It is like getting into a pontoon to shoot the rapids on river - fast paced, unpredictable, with the funder, grantees and the evaluators all in the same boat.

FSG’s... Read more

Listen First, Speak Later

Most people I meet know the virtue of being a good listener. It’s at or near the top of every list of “habits” and “tips” for being a successful leader, colleague, and friend. In practice, however, listening can get overrun by tasks and to-do’s. We all need to get stuff done—and that means... Read more

Developmental Evaluation Is in the Air!

Complexity. Systems change. Adaptation. Emergent thinking. These words were in constant use throughout the recent American Evaluation Association conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The conference theme – Complex Ecologies – certainly invited the evaluation field to submit ideas... Read more