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Veronica Borgonovi

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

With nearly 20 years of for-profit and social sector consulting experience, Veronica brings strong skills in research, strategy development, learning and evaluation, and change management to a variety of clients at FSG. Veronica has served FSG clients within the community philanthropy, education, health, and environment sectors. For the past several years, Veronica has led FSG’s organizational change efforts to more deeply embed a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion across FSG’s portfolio of work. Project highlights include working with The Rockefeller Foundation to research shared value in emerging markets and with UN Women evaluating gender-responsive budgeting. Veronica has co-authored several FSG research papers, including Creating Shared Value in India and Reckoning, Repair, and Change, for which she was the lead author.

Before FSG

Prior to joining FSG, Veronica spent one year living in rural Kenya while serving as Director of Program Innovation for One Acre Fund, a nonprofit that helps East African farmers grow their way out of hunger. She began her career as a consultant, first with Arthur Andersen and then with Bain and Company, where she recommended actions for a nonprofit focused on cancer education and research to best allocate funding toward activities with the highest potential impact and mission alignment. Veronica has also served as a volunteer and Board member for Inside Out Community Arts, a youth-focused organization based in Los Angeles.


  • B.A. in Communications and a minor in Business Administration, the University of California at Berkeley
  • Masters in Business Administration, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

On working at FSG

“When I joined FSG, I was excited at the prospect of working with passionate, intelligent people on tough social challenges. I haven’t been disappointed! Over my tenure here, FSG has grown and evolved. We are digging more deeply into how systems function and can be influenced. We’re more consistently examining racial inequities and other forms of marginalization and harm internally and in our work with clients and partners. And we strive to live into our aspirations as a learning organization by sharing insights across projects and sectors so we can continually get better at our mission of contributing to a better world and future. FSG has enabled me to grow personally and professionally in parallel. I joined FSG in 2009 because I saw a consulting firm that put social impact at the core of what they do. I’m still here because while we may have evolved, that core still holds true.”