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Shared Value

What is Shared Value?

Shared value companies recognize that there are tremendous opportunities for innovation and growth in tackling social problems as core business objectives. Learn more about Shared Value >

What is the Shared Value Initiative?

The Shared Value Initiative is a global community of leaders who find business opportunities in societal challenges. The Initiative connects practitioners in search of the most effective ways to implement shared value.

Operated by FSG with support from 25 funders, the Initiative shapes this emerging field though these activities:

  1. Peer to peer exchange: convene global shared value practitioners and stakeholders to support the exchange of ideas and promote best practices
  2. Market intelligence: drive a customized research agenda for shared value and deliver actionable practitioner-focused insights at
  3. Strategy & implementation: manage a global network of trained shared value professional service providers to deploy tailored services and customized training
  4. Shared value advocacy: engage idea amplifiers in the corporate, nonprofit, government, media, investor, and academic communities to drive shared value awareness, adoption, and engagement

Learn more and join the community at

What We Are Doing in Shared Value

FSG is working to engage leaders across sectors, industries, and functions in the practice of shared value principles and strategies. We strive to advance the sharing and exchange of knowledge; to guide learning between companies and across sectors; and to provide consulting services for clients on the shared value journey.

How Can We Help You?

FSG works with companies on short engagements, as well as projects that span many years, as a partner in the journey of shared value adoption.

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