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Collective Impact

At the Speed of Trust–Part 1 

We hear a lot about the five conditions of collective impact; however, the more I’m exposed to collective impact work the more I realize it’s as much about the intangible elements as it is about process, rigor, and outcomes. The beauty of collective impact is watching a diverse set of... Read more

Collective Impact, Privilege, and Empathy

Collective impact is a promising approach for addressing complex problems – those which are ever-changing, interconnected, and cannot be solved by a single actor.

Right now, there is a great conversation about the importance of equity issues within the context of multi-stakeholder... Read more

It Takes a Community

by Katie Willse, Chief Program Officer, National Summer Learning Association

Across the nation, community leaders have increasingly recognized the promise of summer to accelerate student learning. But to maximize collective impact... Read more

What Are Strategies? 

Both the consulting and the social sectors use an awful lot of jargon. We (the authors of this blog included) often assume that everyone in a room has the same interpretation of the words we use.

This blog is intended to provide a few definitions of “strategies” in the context of... Read more

What Are We Doing Again?

Scope Definition in Collective Impact

If you’ve heard about collective impact, there’s a good chance you also know how collective impact efforts are defined by the existence of a “common agenda.” For collective impact efforts to work, key stakeholders need to have a... Read more

Lessons in Grassroots Collective Impact

Let me ask you a question – how often in your collective impact work have you met the community where it is? When was the last time you opened a steering committee meeting in prayer, or held it at the Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Center or the library of a new urban middle... Read more