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Collective Impact

The FSG Story

We are often asked how FSG started, what FSG stands for, and how the organization has changed over the years. This post gives an overview of FSG’s history. 


In 1999, Harvard Business Review published “... Read more

FSG Feb 22, 2016

Is Collective Impact the Right Approach?

No one can deny that collective impact as a core concept has caught the nonprofit field by storm. Everywhere you look, communities are coming together to set a common vision for change with cross-sector partners, aligned funders and shared measurement systems. Issues from childhood obesity to... Read more

Applying An Equity Mirror to Collective Impact

There has been increasing buzz about “equity” and “racial equity” in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors and among cross-sector collective impact efforts. This is a good thing and our nation’s persistent and rising racial and economic disparities demand it. Many groups are applying an “... Read more

New Resource: Systems Change Guide from NPC

System Leadership is a topic that FSG has been thinking about and writing about in the past few years – but we are by no means the only ones. We have a lot to learn from our clients, colleagues, and other organizations in the space. Here's one resource that caught our eye: ... Read more

FSG Aug 3, 2015