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Collective Impact

The Future of Healthcare in America

I was recently on a call with a large national US Health funder who asked us the question, “Where is the field of collective impact in healthcare headed?” This question gave me pause, and while I don’t have a crystal ball to project the future, I do have a sense that there is huge opportunity... Read more

Coalition Fatigue and Collective Impact

Bangladesh’s garment industry has been in the news – and the hot seat – lately in light of the Rana Plaza tragedy. Over 1000 lives were lost in the worst industrial disaster since 1984. There are calls for major change in the garment industry, particularly for the multinational companies who... Read more

Hope and Guts in Collective Impact Leadership

This is a story of hope, and guts.

When we talk about Collective Impact, we talk about the collaborative infrastructure that brings order to otherwise messy collaborations and the “essential intangibles” that help collective impact develop organically:  relationship and trust building... Read more

Sharing Stories, Seeking Change

Think about the last time you contributed to a positive change. What made you care enough to put in the effort? How did you learn what might help? Did it begin by hearing – and really listening – to a story?

Last month, I participated in... Read more