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What is a Theory of Change? Really.


Recently thousands of evaluators came together in Chicago to celebrate the growing field, share exemplary practices, and to push our collective thinking on how evaluation responds to the complexity of social change efforts.

During the conference, my colleagues and I facilitated a... Read more

Fostering Systems Change


How can foundations be more effective practitioners of systems change in a complex, inter-connected, and fast-changing world? In a new post on Stanford Social Innovation Review, FSG's Srik Gopal and John Kania discuss 5 simple rules for foundations seeking to create lasting... Read more

FSG Nov 20, 2015

What is Catalytic Philanthropy?

How do you go beyond mere grantmaking to create significant change in a community like Dallas or on an issue like youth substance abuse? The answer is catalytic philanthropy.

Mark Kramer first used the term in... Read more

FSG Nov 4, 2015

Increasing Our Ability to Evaluate Complexity

Evaluation can be a powerful force for change within organizations. As a result of how we assess our efforts, we pay attention to different areas and invest differently. I assume that those reading this post are the sort of people who would change their approach if they knew, for example, that... Read more