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Sticker Shock at the Mailbox

“You have GOT to be kidding me!” I muttered, as I juggled my cell phone, grocery bag, purse, and bike helmet to open the medical bill that just arrived in my mailbox: More than $1,000 for a minor exam I was sure had been covered by my insurance provider. After a phone call to the doctor’s office... Read more

Signs of System Change

Society is beginning to recognize that the problems we face- hunger, homelessness, poverty, disease- are systemic in nature. These problems involve a group of actors, often very different from each other, who each play a role in maintaining status quo (or changing it). Collective impact is an... Read more

Restoring Trust in Vaccines: A Complex Task

The FSG Global Health Impact Area regularly organizes training sessions, in which guest speakers are invited to share their perspectives on some of the most pressing health issues. Last week, we were fortunate enough to have Dr. Heidi Larson, Senior Lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and... Read more

The potential for mHealth

A few days ago, I was listening to the energetic CTO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Todd Park, talk about Text4baby, a text message service which provides pregnant women and new mothers in the U.S. weekly text messages... Read more