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Spotlight on CocoaAction: 4 Questions with Nira Desai

Despite significant investments in cocoa sustainability initiatives by the public, private, and nonprofit sectors in recent years, cocoa farming continues to face major challenges. Even though the sector has set up initiatives to tackle these challenges, cocoa farming remains a difficult... Read more

Where Food and Funders Meet

Imagine you are sitting down to enjoy a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant. Have you ever wondered how many workers helped get that meal to your plate? Think about the farmers who grew the food, the pickers and processors who harvested and packaged the food, distributors who transported... Read more

Environmental Shared Value Opportunities

There is a natural link between shared value and environmental issues: use less and create money. Reducing energy, materials, or natural resources used in producing a product protects natural resources. Creating environmentally friendly products that conserve or protect natural resources can... Read more