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Global Development

Our Latest Research: Ahead of the Curve

Over the last 70 years, International NGOs have become key development actors in global relief and development. The question for the next 20 years is whether these organizations will continue to evolve and realize their full potential or risk becoming outdated, failing the people and partners... Read more

Coalition Fatigue and Collective Impact

Bangladesh’s garment industry has been in the news – and the hot seat – lately in light of the Rana Plaza tragedy. Over 1000 lives were lost in the worst industrial disaster since 1984. There are calls for major change in the garment industry, particularly for the multinational companies who... Read more

The Other Kind of Impact Investing

Interest in impact investing has taken off in the last year, reaching a whole new level. Among all this good news, however, are we losing sight of the full range of impact investing tools available?

Consider 2 recent examples: UBS is raising a $100-250 million impact investing... Read more

Steering India Towards Inclusive Growth

Incredible !ndia – so goes the catchphrase of one of the most successful Indian tourism campaigns. Having had the opportunity to work in India and travel around the country myself, I can only agree with the slogan. But India is not only incredible; it is also transforming (incredibly) fast.... Read more

A day of action, a commitment to the future

HIV/AIDS. Malaria. Climate Change. Child Mortality. Education. These are all challenges facing the developing world that have received much deserved and increasing attention from donors, governments, and the general public.

But where is the attention for sustainable access to clean water... Read more