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Featuring more than 30 case studies covering various corporate sectors, this report examines the ways in which large companies can create positive, sustainable, and scalable change for poor or vulnerable populations around the world.

Top Takeaways:

  1. Companies can drive sustainable social change at scale when they create a shared value strategy specific to their sector, geography, and mission.
  2. While shared value strategies are unique to each company, this report identifies promising strategy suggestions for companies across various geographies and 5 sectors: food, beverages, and agriculture; health care; financial services; extractives and natural resources; and housing and construction.
  3. Social sector actors are an important part of creating shared value in emerging markets. They can catalyze shared value through a range of efforts providing issue area expertise or supporting implementation.
By improving the productivity of smallholder farmers, training low-income workers, and creating new medicines that address neglected diseases in developing countries, companies are improving millions of lives and gaining competitive advantage.