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A summary of key themes from a roundtable discussion between 12 international NGO leaders and donors on the challenges and opportunities in pursuing multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Key Takeaways

  1. Despite an increase in support of multi-stakeholder partnerships in global development, a recent study found that nearly 40% of multi-stakeholder partnerships fail to move past their initial launch and nearly 80% fail to achieve their stated objectives.
  2. The partnership model for successfully addressing systemic problems is very different than the model for addressing defined problems, requiring a longer timeframe, more stakeholders, and non-programmatic investments.
  3. There is an immediate need to build a business case for investment in partnership infrastructure and management, clearly linking well-managed, properly resourced partnerships with impact.
Partnership is such a buzz word right now—everyone wants to create partnerships. But I don’t think we have enough clarity on why you should create them, when, and how.

Awais Khan, Head of innovations
Save the Children