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Designed for CSR and corporate foundation executives, FSG's CSR Strategy Roadmap offers practical tools and case examples designed to help companies transform their CSR strategies.

CSR and corporate foundation executives are facing a shifting landscape of internal and external priorities. To meet these priorities, CSR teams are transforming their portfolios from broad generosity to catalyzing focused, business-aligned, and outcomes-oriented efforts. This transformation requires structured strategy approaches as well as incorporating a heightened understanding of the root causes of inequities and injustices in our communities. The Roadmap aims to guide executives through the process of developing a strategy to proactively address these shifting priorities.

The Roadmap has three modules that can be used together to re-envision an entire CSR strategy, or independently, depending on the needs of CSR practitioners. In the Alignment and Visioning module, practitioners can guide their stakeholders through defined activities and conversations about past, present, and future successes and areas for improvement. In the Strategy and Development module, the Roadmap offers corporate executives easy-to-use tools that help guide the nuts and bolts process of creating a new CSR plan with their stakeholders. The Measurement and Learning module offers resources, strategies, and tools for tracking outcomes and incorporating learning approaches.

Top Takeaways

  1. Today’s social and political context demands that companies reconceive their roles as social change actors.   
  2. As companies shift from generosity to solving complex societal problems, it requires structured strategy approaches and proactively understanding and tackling the root causes of injustices and inequities in communities.
  3. The CSR Strategy Roadmap offers CSR and corporate foundation executives three customizable modules to inform strategic choices and ultimately increase impact.
In today's social and political context, expectations for companies to contribute to social change are high and continue to grow. A range of stakeholders—consumers, employees, communities, and even increasingly investors—demand that corporations reconceive their role as social change actors.