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FSG, PolicyLink, and JUST Capital recently launched the Corporate Racial Equity Alliance to support the evolution of antiracist, equitable corporations that can effectively contribute to building an equitable and healthy nation for all. As part of their ongoing collaboration, the partner organizations also released this CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity—a robust guide designed to help corporate leaders navigate the challenges of racial equity work and tackle systemic racism in all three domains of corporate influence: the workplace, communities, and society.

Top Takeaways

  1. Achieving racial equity within the company requires much more than implementing diversity and inclusion programs. Corporations must center equity and justice throughout the business.
  2. Taking meaningful action within communities is not just about charity and extends beyond “give back” campaigns.
  3. The political and economic power wielded by corporate America presents a powerful point of leverage for advancing racial equity and economic renewal within society at large.
It’s commonly accepted that equity is good for society, however, it’s equally important we recognize equity is good for business.

Damon D. Jones, chief communications officer, The Procter & Gamble Company