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Opportunity Employment

FSG’s Talent Rewire initiative facilitates and supports a learning community of employers and workforce partners interested in innovative best practices in recruitment, retention, and advancement of populations facing barriers to employment. FSG also provides consulting services to corporations, foundations, and nonprofits who aim to advance opportunity employment.

What is Opportunity Employment?

While overall unemployment levels have decreased over the past several years, economic opportunity has remained out of reach for some. At the same time, the labor market has tightened and competition for entry-level talent has increased among employers, creating a business incentive for them to hire and retain workers from historically untapped talent pools.

We are cultivating a network of employers who want to create lasting change for their workforce. We do this by demonstrating the business value of rewiring talent practices and policies to meet changing demographics and improve outcomes for underemployed populations, and advance what we call “Opportunity Employment.”

Talent Rewire’s Innovation Labs: Supporting Companies in their Opportunity Employment Strategies

The landscape of opportunity employment is changing as more companies explore opportunity employment as a viable talent strategy. FSG—with the support of The Rockefeller Foundation and Walmart—facilitates and supports a learning community for companies and workforce partners interested in innovating and driving best practices in hiring, retention, and advancement of populations facing barriers to employment.

The cornerstone of this community is the Innovation Labs, which offer pioneering companies an opportunity to develop and implement talent innovations with consultant support, peer-to-peer cohort learning, and a communications platform to share best practice employment innovations improving their employment brand.

This nine-month experience is a low-cost, low-risk opportunity that will inspire and support you to pilot innovative changes and get the results needed to address your most pressing front-line and diversity talent issues. If you’re a Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility, or Operations leader at your company looking to pilot innovative and evidence-based approaches to hire and retain new pools of talent, Talent Rewire’s Innovation Lab is for you!

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Talent Rewire’s Innovation Labs are the most promising approach I’ve seen for engaging and supporting employers who are changing their practices to respond to shifting demographics to meet their talent needs. We collaborate with Talent Rewire to share our practices with other employers, keep learning, and stay connected to—and inspired by—the larger movement of employers engaged in this work.

Gail Gershon, Executive Director of Community Leadership
Gap Inc.

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