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The State of Evaluation and Learning in Philanthropy

This summer, I had the good fortune to join a group of 27 funders and evaluators from across the country in Chicago. We discussed the current state of evaluation and learning in philanthropy, explored barriers to greater collaboration and impact, and identified approaches and strategies designed to build the collective capacity of small and mid-sized evaluation firms.

We hope to continue and broaden this conversation at the American Evaluation Association's annual conference in November and beyond. To get a window into the dialogue, check out the recent post on the Center for Effective Philanthropy's blog, and From Contractors to Conduits: An Exploratory Dialogue among Funders and Evaluators, an issue brief from Equal Measure and Engage R + D.

FSG is grateful to be part of this group and to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for supporting this initiative. 


The FSG team will be presenting 8 sessions at the American Evaluation's annual conference. Learn more >

Hallie Preskill

Managing Director