FSG and PolicyLink Launch Second Phase of Ambassadors for Health Equity Fellowship

FSG is proud to announce the launch of the second phase of The Ambassadors for Health Equity fellowship program (AHE), a joint venture with PolicyLink funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). To set a foundation for the fellowship, our team has spent the past several months selecting and engaging a group of Ambassadors from a wide range of for-profit, nonprofit, and cultural fields. Meet the ambassadors.

About the Ambassadors for Health Equity Fellowship

2016-2017: The first Ambassadors for Health Equity cohort included 13 national leaders who began meeting in 2016. They met over the course of 12 months, through five in-person convenings and several virtual sessions to consider how to foster and encourage environments where everyone has the opportunity for the best possible health and well-being.

2019-2020: The second cohort of Ambassadors for Health Equity includes 23 fellows whose tenure began in February 2019 and will continue through February 2020. The program is again conducted in partnership with FSG, and generously supported by RWJF, whose vision for a national Culture of Health drives the initiative.

These leaders from nonprofit organizations, private sector, arts, and philanthropy have been selected to take part in the year-long program to embolden them to share ideas and experiences, forge new alliances, generate new solutions, and promote a Culture of Health within their own work and across networks. The fellowship experience will be guided by three health equity experts and two program alumni, who will provide mentorship, strategic direction, and curriculum content for the program.

Through in-person meetings, a series of webinars, and online support, the ambassadors will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the intersections of their work with health equity and be able to make the case for how that work contributes to desired outcomes for population health;
  • Learn new frameworks and approaches to seek allies, partners, and even investors across systems or issues not normally engaged;
  • Build a network with other system-level leaders across issue areas to exchange best practices, lessons, and tools, to take action in new ways that create win-win benefits.

FSG is thrilled to be supporting this dynamic group of systems leaders and we look forward to learning more from the community of practice as the project unfolds over the course of the next year.

This work is important to FSG because we are deeply committed to health equity.

We envision a society where everyone lives in healthy communities and the benefit of good health is equally accessible to all. FSG leverages our experience working in non-health areas, such as education and community development, to help clients address the social determinants of health to achieve their health improvement goals. We understand that factors outside the health care delivery system, such as housing instability and conditions, food insecurity, and neighborhood quality, contribute to persistent health disparities that have substantial human, societal, and economic costs. In order to help address this challenging national problem, we have placed health equity at the heart of our work, both in the U.S. and on a global scale.

In addition to building on our health equity work, the AHE fellowship has presented FSG with a unique opportunity to apply our emerging systems change practice, leveraging research and insights gleaned from client work across the globe. This effort is also grounded in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As we continue to advance our culture and internal practices in service of DEI, we also strive to inform our projects with the approach, both in process and outcomes.

Learn more about FSG’s U.S. Health work >

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