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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As an organization, FSG is a group of passionate and talented people who are fiercely committed to contributing to social change.

We strive to focus our work on equitable progress—and we also realize that we cannot effectively help others pursue efforts toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) until we have a greater understanding of these issues as individuals and as an organization. We recognize the substantial work ahead as we continue coming to terms with our various forms of privilege and expanding our awareness of the many ways in which biases and structural barriers function.

As we confront our own shortcomings related to DEI, we process feedback, grow our awareness and skills, and adjust our culture and work approaches. We understand that successfully integrating DEI into our work and our organization requires an ongoing and evolving process of intentionality, investment, humility, and openness. We experience challenges related to unconscious or implicit bias, emergent understandings of privilege and power, and diversity of our staff. We are addressing these challenges, and have made significant strides through:

  • Creation of dedicated roles and expectations (director of DEI, equity partnerships lead, integration of equity focus on recruiting, professional development, and other talent-related roles)
  • The launch of internal affinity groups for African Diaspora, LGBTQIA + Allies, Latinx, Asian and Pacific Islanders, Differently-Abled, Parents/Caregivers, and Gender Circles
  • Development of equity primes to address implicit bias in recruiting, performance reviews, performance discussions, etc.
  • Changes to performance feedback and assessment forms to help consulting staff better value equity-related competencies
  • Guidance from equity advisors (Management Assistance Group)
  • Growing partnerships with equity-focused organizations (PolicyLink)
  • Development of trainings and resources for staff and leadership across all divisions to learn how to more deeply incorporate equity into our work (including a full-day training to introduce approaches, tools, and resources and to practice integrating them into our social change work)

We work to analyze and address biases and structural power dynamics in project scoping, research, stakeholder facilitation, and analysis of recommendations. We also strive to more deeply and regularly examine disparities in outcomes between various populations, name and assess root causes, and explore whether possible solutions might yield equitable or inequitable social change.

The true power of FSG’s equity journey lies in being able to translate internal progress into external impact.

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As an equal opportunity employer, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to equal employment and promotion opportunity regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.