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As the U.S. looks to transform thousands of chronically underperforming schools, the field must be well coordinated in order to succeed. But how can this coordination happen across the nation and across districts with limited resources? Here, FSG identifies early lessons learned, critical issues, important actors in the field, and key gaps in turning around our nation's failing schools.

Top Takeaways

  1. All stakeholders and sectors have a part to play to ensure the successful turnaround of a school.
  2. Empower principals and leadership teams with key autonomies over staffing, program, budget, schedule, and data.
  3. One key gap to success is funding – one possible reform is to promote the use of one-time funding to build long-term capacity and infrastructure.
We hope this report helps the turnaround field as a whole as it spurs additional dialogue and connections, facilitates the creation and sharing of knowledge, and helps multiple actors better understand their own roles and how they most effectively work in concert with others — a prerequisite if the field is to succeed in turning around thousands of failing schools.