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Working Group Co-chairs are not simply symbolic leaders; the success of a collective impact initiative hinges on Co-chairs bringing their commitment and leadership to a range of tasks.

Built on our experience with numerous Working Groups, this kit provides detailed tools, templates, and tips. From increasing membership and community engagement to planning and running effective meetings, Co-chairs will find strategic and tactical resources to help them contribute to a successful initiative.

Top Takeaways

  1. Working Group Co-chairs are vital to the success of a collective impact initiative, and yet to date they have not been celebrated enough.

  2. Because Co-chairs play these roles on top of their day jobs, our action-oriented tools are designed for efficiency.

  3. We cover the basic nuts and bolts of managing teams, as well as the more challenging aspects of creating trust and commitment among a diverse group of volunteers with differing viewpoints by design.

Working Groups (also called task forces, community action networks, strategy teams, and a variety of other names) are the heartbeat of collective impact: where action occurs and goals are brought to life.