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A practical guide, drawing on both shared value and collective impact approaches, to inspire the private sector to innovate and apply their core capabilities, technologies and processes, in partnership with others, to solve complex and interrelated problems in women’s and children’s health.

Top Takeaways

  1. There are opportunities across industries to improve maternal and child health outcomes and for companies to strengthen their business in doing so.
  2. Effectively addressing maternal and child health requires deep collaborations across sectors and across the spectrum of health issues that challenge women and young children. Organizations should work proactively to help accelerate change, by partnering with other industries and civil society.
  3. Companies can act to improve women’s and children’s health in four ways: philanthropic investments and corporate social responsibility; workplace policies that actively safeguard women and children; external public policy dialogue; and commercial business operations.

We urge businesses to apply all their skills to tackle the problem of women’s and children’s health with innovative solutions, novel transformational business models and new mindsets.