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Memphis Fast Forward is a multi-layered collective impact initiative focused on increasing economic prosperity and quality of life in Greater Memphis, Tennessee. A resource for collective impact backbone organizations, funders, and partners, this case study provides an overview of the initiative, along with lessons learned.

Top Takeaways

  1. Gain and maintain political support: According to Blair Taylor, President of Memphis Tomorrow, “having sustained mayoral leadership in Memphis Fast Forward was essential.” It was through a meeting with the mayors that the collective impact effort was incubated, and their support proved critical long after incubation.
  2. Celebrate successes: Memphis Fast Forward realized that celebrating successes and sharing credit were critical motivating factors to keep partners engaged and active.
  3. Seize opportunities as they emerge: Adapting their work to changes in context has allowed Memphis Fast Forward and its partners to take advantage of new opportunities.
Memphis Fast Forward’s common agenda focuses on creating good jobs, a better-educated workforce, a safer community, a healthier citizenry, and a fiscally strong and efficient government in Greater Memphis.