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Funders who are already familiar with mission investments can create even greater social impact by more tightly connecting their investments with their grantmaking strategy. The combination of grants and investments can reinforce each other in ways that accelerate progress toward specific program goals. Developing such an integrated approach requires a new way of thinking about foundation strategy. See how this link can be established through this study focused on climate change.

Top Takeaways

  1. Grants can be used to influence the context and investments to influence the implementation of the same set of interventions.
  2. Incorporating mission investments into foundation strategy requires funders to examine the economic and commercial factors contributing to causing or alleviating the problem, and then to analyze the potential for using conventional, subsidized, or transformative investments.
  3.’s perspective has been that grants and investments are merely 2 tools that can leverage social change in different ways toward the same ends. That mindset is essential to maximizing the synergistic impact of grantmaking and mission investing.
Only by including mission [impact] investments can a foundation bring the full force of its influence to bear on all dimensions of a social problem.