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Learn more about the 48 early childhood indicators that reflect healthy development, as well as 10 emerging themes, areas that are not sufficiently addressed by existing indicators and where further inquiry is needed.

Top Takeaways

  1. From birth to age 8, the fundamental building blocks are established that prepare children for a lifetime of learning and development.
  2. The field needs indicators that reflect an evolving understanding of how the brain develops and that also address a changing country. Despite increasing racial and cultural diversity in the United States, particularly among children, there are few indicator efforts that appreciate this diversity and that address disparities that affect a growing population.
  3. Early childhood actors can use existing and emerging indicators to ensure that all children are nurtured, supported, and prepared for success in school, work, and life.
Indicators have a role to play in an evolving field by providing a shared language and understanding. They are a starting point for conversation, connections, and collaboration toward a common goal of improved outcomes for young children.

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