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Stanford Social Innovation Review | Winter 2009

Defying the stereotype that all corporate lobbying is self-interested, some companies are using their government affairs staffs and advocacy skills to lobby for important social issues. As a part of strategic CSR, lobbying for social change should focus on issues that matter to business.

Top Takeaways

  1. While nonprofits are usually known as the advocates for social good, corporations can use their carefully cultivated connections and wider lobbying leeway to lobby for important social issues.
  2. Companies that shift their CSR activities to those that align most closely with their business operations and goals are in the best position to make a difference.
  3. Companies should partner with nonprofits, not merely be their benefactor. Philanthropies benefit from companies’ strong voices and connections.
The company that pushes for improved standards can create competitive advantage for itself and safer, more environment-friendly and consumer-friendly products and services.