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Taking personalized learning to scale in a school or district requires the difficult work of changing the way human beings do their work. Navigating the complicated relationships between students, teachers, parents, administrators, the public, and the local and state agencies is challenging enough on any given day, but aligning them all behind a new vision of how students can learn, and keeping them aligned long enough to implement that vision, is a challenge of an altogether different order. To understand and share how this journey plays out, we documented the implementation journeys of three different institutions, including their successes and challenges, their unexpected setbacks, and their sudden epiphanies. 

This research was made possible through funding by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.











A few folks advised us to go find the best model and replicate it, but that would never work—the process itself, not the model, is what's helpful.

Aaryn Schmuhl, Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Leadership, Henry County Schools