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The Summit Public School district is a model for the innovative practice of blended learning. But more important than its method is Summit’s process for getting there. What attributes make Summit’s design such a success, and what can other districts learn from them?

Top Takeaways

  1. Summit’s commitment to constant learning and improvement has been the school’s biggest driver toward its overarching vision.
  2. Change management is key—Summit’s leadership follows a formal process that involves dialogue about why adjustment is needed, evidence about the benefits of change, and transparency about areas for improvement.
  3. Summit’s push toward innovation has succeeded because every stakeholder in the school community—network leaders, principals, teachers, students, and families—has provided input and been involved in decision making.
Summit’s leaders have honed an approach to innovation that injects the DNA of a startup into the structure of a school—and that offers lessons for blended learning at other schools across the country.