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To create lasting social change, it’s not enough to award funding to great grantees. Donors must become active participants in the change effort. The book, Do More Than Give, outlines six practices that are found across high-impact foundations, corporations, and individuals of all sizes and budgets. Download a free copy of the first chapter here.

Top Takeaways

  1. Donors can leverage their own networks, become vocal advocates for policy change, and work within communities to increase the reach of the nonprofits’ work.
  2. Change isn’t the linear “give and do” chain of traditional philanthropy – like a series of interlocking gears, all players and sectors must work together.
  3. Donors increase their odds of having impact when they commit to one or a few causes, rather than spreading thin amongst many.
Donating is just one means of achieving impact—and while it’s an important starting point, it’s not the endgame.

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