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The financial downturn of the late 2000s resulted in dramatic increases in economic hardship. Many individuals, families and communities found themselves facing a crisis. For funders, there was an even greater need to do more with the resources available and for many, their response to supporting communities and individuals in crisis yielded lessons that have helped inform ongoing strategies for leadership and philanthropic effectiveness.

Top Takeaways

  1. Engage in ongoing dialogue with grantees, partners, and the larger community to understand shifting needs and resources. Use the included discussion guide to structure conversations.
  2. Periodically step back and reassess your approach to creating impact given your unique capabilities and the external environment.
  3. Maximize effectiveness of limited resources, in part by collaborating with others to leverage strengths and avoid duplication of effort.
These changes should not be viewed as short-term fixes in response to the economic crisis, but as part of the ‘new normal’ for how grantmakers support nonprofit success.

Kathleen P. Enright, President and CEO
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations