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The growth of cities in the global south is driving demand for better urban transportation. Innovative business and services models, collectively known as the New Mobility sector, are improving urban transportation by making it more efficient, dependable, and sustainable. 

Top Takeaways

  1. Increasing urbanization and the growth of cities in the developing world is driving demand for better urban public transportation.
  2. The emerging New Mobility sector is attempting to address this challenge through innovative business and service models that leverage large-scale investments in transportation infrastructure to benefit the poor and vulnerable and build more inclusive cities.
  3. These new business and service models exist in a legal gray area, and could benefit from clearer regulations and stronger policy support. 
Transportation is at a crossroads. In response to rapid urbanization, shifting demographics, and other pressing social, economic, and environmental factors, cities and regions are shifting investment dollars. Enter New Mobility, where innovations and opportunities go beyond the sectoral bounds of the traditional transportation industry.