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This case study shares what’s been learned in the first year of Summit Basecamp, an ambitious effort to support public schools across the United States in implementing personalized learning. While recognizing that Summit Basecamp is one approach to personalized learning, we believe the lessons from the 2015-16 school year can inform the work of others in the field.

Summit Basecamp is now called the Summit Learning Program. This publication is the fourth case study that FSG has written with Summit Public Schools.

Top Takeaways

  1. Summit Learning has developed as an novel partnership between Summit Public Schools and Facebook.
  2. Summit Learning balances core structures for personalized learning with the flexibility for the program to translate to different contexts.
  3. Summit Learning continues to evolve and change, just like personalized learning inside of schools.
Understanding Summit Basecamp’s rapid evolution starts with recognizing how the same pattern of seeking challenges, testing hypotheses, and continual reflection has sped Summit’s own growth and development. It’s a culture and process of improvement that’s just as central to Summit’s success as anything visible inside its schools.