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In Switzerland in 2009, despite there being over 12,000 foundations in existence, the sector didn't seem to be having the amount of impact or recognition that it could. Fondation Lombard Odier in collaboration with FSG examined the landscape and what action steps could be taken to enrich the climate for further foundation growth.

Top Takeaways

  1. To achieve a stronger philanthropy sector in Switzerland, stakeholders identified the need for increased cooperation between funders and foundations, and across sectors – only 18% of foundations reported that they frequently cooperate with other foundations.

  2. To increase visibility, foundations can equip trustees and other important sector actors to become ambassadors for the sector, as well as build proactive relationships with public servants and other decision makers.

  3. Some action steps for philanthropic growth include a funder database, detailed needs assessment, and a public awareness campaign.

We are indeed convinced that solving the complex issues and tackling the many challenges facing our society will require the constructive collaboration of private and public actors alike. Only in this manner will the philanthropic sector realize its tremendous potential and better and more extensively serve our society.

Thierry Lombard, President
Fondation 1796