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Promoting Mental Health 

FSG supported the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health in shifting their focus from treating mental illness to promoting mental health.

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health has been on the leading edge of mental health developments since it was founded in 1940. In the last decade, the Foundation has been instrumental in promoting concepts and practices that strengthen recovery, spreading the idea that people can and do recover from mental illness. In 2017, as it explored opportunities for building on its work in mental health treatment and recovery, the foundation engaged FSG to support the creation of a new strategic plan.

FSG conducted research and analysis to understand the greatest needs and challenges in mental health access and treatment in Texas. Informed by this research and expert interviews, consumer listening sessions, surveys, and focus groups with former and current grantees, mental health providers, mental health services consumers, state and local public health experts, and other key stakeholders, FSG facilitated a series of workshops with the foundation’s full staff to identify strategic opportunities where the needs of the community and the Hogg Foundation’s unique strengths and values met.

FSG's dedication to our strategic planning process is evident in all aspects of our decision making as an organization. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to learning our way to solutions together. 

Dr. Octavio N. Martinez, Jr., Executive Director, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

As a result, the foundation shifted its focus from the treatment of mental illness to the promotion of mental health. This strategy enables the foundation to fill significant gaps in the mental health landscape by:

  • Supporting prevention efforts, which received only 6 percent of state mental health funding in 2016 despite the growing body of research demonstrating that mental health and wellness are influenced and shaped by our communities.
  • Increasing its support of marginalized communities, who experience mental health challenges disproportionately due in large part to structural inequities regarding housing stability, neighborhood infrastructure, and conditions at home, work, and school.

Today, the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health is working collaboratively with a variety of partners, including consumers and family members, community organizations, civic leaders, practitioners, and researchers, to inform the implementation of new strategies and transform how communities promote mental health.

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About the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
Established in 1940, the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health serves as a strategic grantmaker to advance recovery and wellness for the people of Texas. Read their blog and listen to their podcast to learn more about this strategic planning process.