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A Statement of Commitment to Equity and Justice

Recent rallies by white nationalists and President Trump’s statements placing blame on “many sides” suggest that some people believe public bigotry is increasingly acceptable in America.

We do not accept this. All of us, regardless of individual identities or party affiliation, must stand together in support of human rights, dignity, and justice. As john a. powell, Director of the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, says:

If we are to pull America back from hate, there must be supporters from all political persuasions, and there must be voices from every race and ethnicity, religion, and faith. If we are to stand for equality and love, we must ground ourselves in a set of shared values, even if they seem only aspirational at times. Values such as equality and fairness are not Republican or Democratic nor are they conservative or liberal. We must defend those values.

The United States is at a crucial moment that requires all of us to speak out against hate. At FSG, we are unequivocally committed to continuing our efforts toward greater equity and justice in our work and in our world. We cannot— and will not— create a stronger future if we contribute to deepening inequality and disparities in life outcomes.


Note: An earlier version of this blog capitalized john a. powell’s name; he does not capitalize his name.

John Kania

Board Member