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Shared Value Insights from UBS' Erika Karp

At FSG's Shared Value Leadership Summit in May, FSG asked senior leaders to discuss their perspectives on shared value. The results were conversations offering distinct viewpoints on shared value’s role at each organization, as well as in broader society. In the second of four videos, Erika Karp from UBS explains her vision for shared value.

In her conversation with FSG, Erika Karp, Managing Director of Global Sector Research at UBS, discusses the role shared value can have in re-shaping capitalism. She says that shared value can help solve the simultaneous environmental, economic, global health, income inequality, banking, credit, and sovereign crises affecting the world today. “I think shared value ultimately is the only thing that matters…if the private sector’s intention is to optimize return to shareholders, well ultimately doing the right thing by all your stakeholders – and that includes your community – is the same as doing the right thing for your shareholders.” A tall order for a simple idea? Watch the short video and let us know what you think.