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New Resource: Corporate Societal Engagement Strategy Toolkit

If you’re responsible for corporate societal engagement at your company, if your title is president of your corporate foundation, or VP of CSR, or Director of Corporate Citizenship (or whichever term your company uses), read on. This blog is for you.

Your job is very difficult. You’re pulled in a number of directions trying to satisfy too many internal and external stakeholders who have unrealistic expectations. We understand the struggles that you face because we have helped many of your peers navigate these challenges over the past decade.

You’re not alone. At every major company, you have a kindred spirit who is wrestling with the same challenges. The companies may be different, but the challenge of creating an aligned and results-oriented societal engagement strategy is similar.

There is a better way. You can move beyond missed opportunities and ongoing frustration. Your team can create and execute a clear and coherent strategy.

This is why we just published Simplifying Strategy: A practical toolkit for corporate societal engagement, which we developed in partnership with CECP. This is not a new theory about corporations and society. It is simply a set of 3 strategy tools that can help you do your job better.

In sharing and developing these tools with companies around the world, we’ve heard that they really resonate. The tools provide a clear structure, a language, and a set of choices for your team. And they help you lead your company to make better choices to ultimately drive improved results for your business and for society.

We encourage you to download the toolkit and discuss each tool with your team. Using the tools, you will be able to:

  • Better clarify your business motivations and engagement approaches.
  • Clarify how and why you are choosing your issue focus. 
  • Assess whether you are being intentional about matching the right impact model to the right cause, location, or brand.

We hope this toolkit serves as a useful resource and look forward to hearing feedback on your experiences.

View Simplifying Strategy: A practical toolkit for corporate societal engagement >
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Greg Hills


Valerie Bockstette

Former Managing Director, FSG