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Huffington Post Announces New Purpose + Profit Platform

Yesterday, the Huffington Post announced What’s Working: Purpose + Profit, a new platform for companies that are “moving beyond the obsession with quarterly earnings and short-term gain toward a very different vision,” where business not only should work towards social progress, but must do so in order to be successful.

The platform, sponsored by PwC, will “feature stories, insights and tips from leaders in the world of business and thinkers who are driving change, with an emphasis on what's working in entrepreneurship, B-corporations–that is, benefit corporations, a class of corporations that strive to have a positive impact on society–and impact investing.”

Arianna Huffington writes that much has changed in the space since FSG co-founders Michael Porter and Mark Kramer wrote about shared value in 2011: “For more and more companies, shared value has moved from the periphery to the core, as companies see that what's good for the bottom line can also be good for the world.”

We’re thrilled to see the conversation around purpose-driven business continue to grow, and we look forward to learning more about the work of others through this platform.

Learn more about What’s Working: Profit + Purpose