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How to Improve the Engagement and Retention of Young Hourly Workers

What would you do if the majority of your entry-level, hourly workforce was planning to leave in less than a year? More than half of the 1,200 young people working in entry-level jobs we surveyed said that was their plan — and less than a quarter felt highly satisfied with their job. That’s expensive for business.

To understand how employers can improve engagement and retention, FSG worked with Hart Research Associates to survey entry-level, hourly workers between the ages of 17 and 24, and interviewed dozens of companies to find out how they have improved retention.

In a new article on Harvard Business Review, we highlight 5 insights for employers looking to improve retention and engagement, including how to improve manager training, diversity and inclusion, and scheduling.

Read “How to Improve the Engagement and Retention of Young Hourly Workers” >

We look forward to sharing more insights from this work in 2018. Thank you to the Schultz Family Foundation and Walmart for funding this research.

Fay Hanleybrown

Managing Director

Kimberly Gilsdorf

Former Director, FSG

Dashell Laryea

Former Consultant, FSG