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How Companies are Improving Competitiveness by Addressing Health Challenges

Every pharmaceutical and medical device company in the world is trying to grow their markets and better meet the needs of medically underserved populations.

While most business leaders understand these opportunities, realizing this potential is a different story. To do so, companies must work in new ways, develop deep external partnerships, and grapple with some of the most complex, multi-faceted challenges we face as a global community. Fortunately, this complexity has not deterred some innovative companies who are actively working to create shared value.

In a new interview series, Competing by Saving Lives, we highlight the work of these shared value leaders—pharmaceutical, medical device, and complementary companies working to improve business competitiveness by addressing health challenges. 

Leading shared value practitioners share their successes, struggles, and hard-won lessons learned in these conversations, exploring burgeoning efforts and long-standing initiatives, and highlighting work in communities from the southern U.S. to South Africa to China. 

Read the interviews:

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Neeraja Bhavaraju

Former Director, FSG

Chinyere Amanze

Former Consultant, FSG